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Date:2007-04-03 15:41

I'm here to advertize a roleplaying community that I'm trying to get started. The RP is loosely based off the story line of the Castlevania video game series and history's Vlad Tepes. There are a lot of unique character positions available as well as character classes. We're open to original characters and we accept Role players of all skill levels. If you enjoy RPing historical battles, lobbying and scheming for power or dark fantasy, you'll feel at home here.

Click to Enter Teppes CastleCollapse )

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Date:2006-07-21 23:25
Subject:new community for Castlevania music!

Hey everyone, I've started a new community that focuses on what is (in my opinion) the most successful and excellent aspect of the Castlevania series--its music. The community is cv_music.

The Castlevania Music Community is for discussing any and all aspects of the music of the Castlevania series--in-game music, separately-released soundtracks, remixes, and more; everything ranging from listing one's favorite tracks to hardcore music theory study. I'd put more of a description here, but it's kinda been redundantly covered in both cv_music's community info page and the first post. (Plus, so many other community advertisements say little more than just the name of the advertised community...) I'm a musician, as well as a huge fan of videogame music in general and Castlevania's music specifically, and I think it's high time that LiveJournal get a Castlevania music community.

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Oh, by the way, I just noticed that there're some similarities between Dave Wise's underwater theme for Donkey Kong Country 3 and Michiru Yamane's underground reservoir track from Aria of Sorrow, and that the beginning of that DKC3 track is reminiscent of the beginning of DracXX's Stage 6 theme (the "Beginning" remix; no puns intended).

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Date:2005-12-29 10:29
Subject:Blah to Drac- Blah
Mood: accomplished

New member here, just wanted you batheads to know, I have Rondo of Blood now!

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Date:2004-07-25 00:15
Mood: pleased

Any group about Castlevania is a group I want to be part of!!!
I am practically obsessed with the game series.
I am even working on a rip off game of my own for it.
(Although I doubt I'll ever finish it). Anyway, wassup all you Castlevania fans.

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Date:2002-06-24 12:47

Yes, yes... I'm joining too. But we can't forget about castlevania. And, dear weltall, Alucard is the best; no matter what. ;)

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Date:2002-04-10 16:59

Always glad to join another Castlevania community. Alucard is the best, plain and simple, but Richter isn't that far behind.

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