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new community for Castlevania music!

Hey everyone, I've started a new community that focuses on what is (in my opinion) the most successful and excellent aspect of the Castlevania series--its music. The community is cv_music.

The Castlevania Music Community is for discussing any and all aspects of the music of the Castlevania series--in-game music, separately-released soundtracks, remixes, and more; everything ranging from listing one's favorite tracks to hardcore music theory study. I'd put more of a description here, but it's kinda been redundantly covered in both cv_music's community info page and the first post. (Plus, so many other community advertisements say little more than just the name of the advertised community...) I'm a musician, as well as a huge fan of videogame music in general and Castlevania's music specifically, and I think it's high time that LiveJournal get a Castlevania music community.

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Oh, by the way, I just noticed that there're some similarities between Dave Wise's underwater theme for Donkey Kong Country 3 and Michiru Yamane's underground reservoir track from Aria of Sorrow, and that the beginning of that DKC3 track is reminiscent of the beginning of DracXX's Stage 6 theme (the "Beginning" remix; no puns intended).
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